Tax criminal and white collar criminal law

Are you in urgent need of an excellent defence lawyer?
Do you wish to better protect your business against corruption?
Would you like to know what needs to be considered when filing a self-disclosure?

PwC Legal very quickly supports you directly on-site. We represent you before the authorities during searches as well as at the subsequent court proceedings. Of course, preferably the law enforcement authorities should not have any reason to jump into
action at all. Many of our clients have approached us for assistance as soon as they had begun to suspect irregularities within their companies or have sought preventive advice from us. This is how you can also avoid potential criminal law and administrative
penalty proceedings that may sustainably result in negative consequences.

Our lawyers

  • develop preventive measures and guidelines to protect your business against criminal sanctions or misconduct by employees.
  • advise you on self-disclosures and amended tax returns.
  • are immediately available in the event of searches or arrests.
  • assess criminal risks in order to avoid personal liability due to organisational fault.
  • assist you in tax criminal and white collar criminal proceedings.
  • represent you before authorities, public prosecutor’s offices and courts.
  • support you in criminal legal due diligences.

Act quickly as soon as you suspect irregularities. We are pleased to assist you.


Dr. Thorsten Zumwinkel

Tax criminal and white collar criminal law

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