We have been working on the development of various chatbots for some time. The advantages are obvious: customers can contact the bots 24 hours a day and get immediate answers to simple inquiries, instead of having to wait in an email or telephone queue. Bots can provide relief for staff, particularly when it comes to the personnel-intensive processing of small-scale business on recurring topics, and they help to increase efficiency. In this way, valuable employee capacity can be shifted to expanding individual business areas and processing more complex customer service issues.

For example, we use a chatbot for questions on employment and immigration law:
Can a foreign worker be granted a blue card? What are the reporting requirements for EU posted workers? What are the regulations on minimum wage?  We provide the answers you need, as the requirement for information among both foreign employees and HR professionals is increasing.

Our Immigration & Employment Assistant is always up to date and provides you with automated support.
This chatbot uses an intuitive interface that guides the user through the assessment procedure for the complex visa and immigration process. A given situation is broken down into small steps, making it easily accessible to the user. The Immigration & Employment Assistant can also answer a variety of questions on German employment law in plain language.

Most important of all is the user experience. Our chatbot is available to users worldwide at any time and answers questions in real time.

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