Legal Technology

For years, we have consistently placed an emphasis on the use of technology when providing our legal services. We also combine our legal advice with methods and tools from other disciplines, such as data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and operations. PwC Legal combines legal expertise with operational excellence and state-of-the-art technology – the people-process-technology triad generates highly efficient, structured solutions. This experience enables us to develop effective, hybrid, all-in-one solutions for legal challenges.

We help you manage the increasing complexity as well as the growing cost pressure. Particularly for repetitive and standardised tasks, our new services offer many possibilities. Thanks to automation, industrial processes and excellent management, PwC Legal Tech delivers better-quality results than conventional solutions over a given period of time. Our international network also enables our solutions to be implemented globally.

There is a business challenge behind every legal question. When designing our solutions, we focus on your actual needs and use the technology and methodology that will give you the very best results.


Dr. Nicole Elert

Leadership Team Member

Tel: +49 1511 2228930

Kristian Landegren

Head of Legal Technology

Tel: +49 175 8566301

Dr. Matthias Schwenke

Head of Managed Legal Services

Tel: +49 160 93603441