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Start your digital transformation with us as a governance service provider

In the medium- and long-term, digitization will change companies and their business models, in some cases fundamentally. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is currently presenting companies around the world with unprecedented challenges. Both long-term developments and ad-hoc crisis situations have an impact on the organization and governance of companies, especially in an international context.

As a governance service provider, PwC Legal supports clients not only in complying with the requirements for their global corporate structures, including in times of crisis, but also in setting them up today for a digitally-enabled future in a process-oriented manner.

Our Global Entity Governance & Compliance (EGC) team offers tailored solutions for this purpose. As an Alternative Legal Service Provider, we combine legal expertise with business process know-how and state-of-the-art technology for a holistic and global service approach.

The need for specialized legal advice is increasing

The consequences of pandemics, populism, protectionism, new working models and, last but not least, the debate and legislation on sustainability – are all factors that make economic forecasts more difficult and which are driving change in markets in general and change in individual business processes in particular. This directly affects our clients’ corporate governance and compliance profiles. The global management and internal control of group company structures already entailed certain risks in the past. Now the demands on companies have increased once again, not least in view of the digital transformation.

In addition, internal resources are generally limited and often lack the necessary knowledge and skills for digital transformation resulting in a fragmented landscape of technology and service providers. This increases the need for specialized and alternative legal advice from a single source. PwC Legal offers its clients the competencies required for such a transformation: in-depth specialist know-how of a future-oriented entity governance and compliance service with proven process expertise and intuitive as well as scalable technology solutions… and all this from a single source – worldwide!

"Through cutting-edge technology, our governance services enable customers to have the effectiveness and flexibility they need to succeed in their markets on a global basis."

Dr. Karl Küpper, Partner at PwC Legal

Our customers benefit from

  • global excellence in governance and compliance issues,
  • lean and effective processes enabled through intelligently deployed technology,
  • reduced liability risks with less effort and lower costs.

"By reducing our clients' compliance risks, we contribute significantly to their profitability."

Reliable, fast, cost-efficient

The need to implement increasingly standardized and automated workflows requires a rethinking of processes and structures – including in legal departments. We stand by our clients as a reliable partner in the design and implementation of local and global governance and compliance requirements for corporate structures. Our service offering supports your company in the global management of corporate law requirements – reliably, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Our services are always tailored to your specific needs, regardless of the size of your company. From start-ups to global Fortune 10 companies, PwC offers the following services in particular:


  • Sourcing of Corporate-Office- and CoSec-Functions
  • Board Operations support and Corporate Governance Consulting
  • Policy implementation and directors’ training


  • Management of (annual) compliance requirements for global group structures, including applicable market regulation
  • Performing of relevant filings, registrations, and reportings and maintaining corporate databases
  • Sourcing of compliance functions (Tax, AML/KYC, GDPR, Market Regulation, Compliance Management etc.)

Transactional Services

  • Worldwide company incorporations and branch establishments; appointments of executive as well as supervisory board members, managing directors, powers of attorney and proxy holders
  • Share capital transfers and issues; group-wide management of restructuring and acquisitions
  • Supporting all stages of the corporate lifecycle, including regional and global expansion of startups

"As a governance service provider, PwC offers compliance and legal services for the "new normal." We bring both together: human excellence and technological competence at the highest level."

Focus: People – Process – Technology


Our goal as a governance service provider is to build a partnership with you on a global scale. In doing so, we are always guided by the individual- and customer-specific combination of people, process, and technology. We are convinced that success depends on the skills and experience of all three dimensions. That is why we have assembled a highly competent team that uses state-of-the-art technology to anticipate your individual needs on a process basis and execute them according to best-practice approaches.

We have a tried and tested methodology for managing corporate law group structures as well as supporting boards and corporate office functions globally. Our goal is to work with you to develop a process-based, customized framework for action, tailored to your needs. We identify, transform, and optimize processes to achieve the changes required to operate your business successfully within a sound and digitally-supported corporate compliance and governance framework. Our way of working guarantees uniform structures, robust workflows and, above all, process assurance.

Thanks to our investment in technology, we are able to tackle the necessary digital transformation in a highly efficient manner – and do so worldwide – with holistic and market-proven applications. In this context, the technology-enabled transformation of corporate compliance and governance processes enables seamless digital collaboration on a global scale. Designed to meet the needs of our clients, they benefit from highly scalable technology that can be adapted to market and business conditions at any time. In addition, our technology provides platform features that allow it to be expanded at any time to include additional topics such as contract management, legal compliance management, etc.

Our innovative technology “Governance and Compliance Hub” includes:

  • Virtual collaboration in a digital boardroom
  • Global process management in the area of Governance Operations
  • Real-time, global corporate governance and compliance monitoring 24/7
  • Intelligent dashboarding of relevant corporate and business information
  • Integrated Legal Entity Management Database
  • Use of a knowledge database for more than 160 countries

"Processes and technology-based services are at the heart of our global approach."

Dr. Karl Küpper, Partner at PwC Legal

There for you worldwide: Your PwC Legal Team

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Dr. Karl Küpper

Partner, EGC Global Transformation Lead at PwC Legal

Tel: +49 69 9585-5708