Employment and immigration law

Which working hours model improves your company performance?
Is the employment agreement for the new employee legally correct?
Can you dismiss staff for operational reasons on a clear legal basis?
Do your foreign employees have the right work and residence permits in place when acting domestically and abroad?

HR managers, responsible HR officers and HR staff wish to be perceived in your company as competent contact persons. Our team at PwC Legal assists you in reaching this goal.
Our clients acknowledge that we generally address employment law issues within the broader context of HR. Our lawyers not only focus on designing and negotiating social redundancy plans and drafting termination notices that are legally waterproof. Prior to these steps we will also jointly discuss how your employees can be adequately familiarised with certain actions the company plans to take, how the employee representatives should be involved and how bridges between the involved stakeholders can be built in order to amicably reach the company’s objectives.
Our clients benefit from the fact that our lawyers are all industry experts. Although employment laws appear to be uniform nationwide, subtleties within the particular economic sectors do exist. Only experts who are very familiar with these nuances are able to formulate tailor-made contracts or to prevail in litigation.

PwC Legal assists you

through on-going employment law advice.

Our Lawyers

  • draft employment agreements, notices of termination, cease and desist letters and work certificates.
  • formulate job advertisements and advise you on recruitment processes including employee data protection.
  • design working hours and compensation models as well as company pension schemes.
  • advise you on collective employment law issues.
  • conclude internal collective wage agreements for you.
  • assist you in the termination of employment agreements.
  • represent your company in labour courts.
  • support you in decision-making and arbitration procedures.
  • advise you on all issues regarding temporary employment and minimum wages.

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through advice for CEO/CFOs.


  • draw up agreements with your management board and/or other organisational bodies.
  • advise you on compensation schemes.

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during M&A and restructuring processes.

Our lawyers

  • provide guidance and advice on employment law issues throughout the entire transaction process.
  • assist you in transferring employees.
  • advise you on social redundancy plans, reconciliation of interests and company or plant agreements.
  • develop downsizing plans.
  • negotiate with works councils.
  • manage litigation processes and represent you in labour courts.

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regarding secondments.


  • advise you on social and aliens law and on corporate secondment practices.
  • prepare secondment agreements.
  • assist you in visa and residency permit matters.

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Through seminars


  • offer seminars and webinars on labor and immigration law topics in German and/or English.
  • offer individual training concepts tailored to your company as well as a comprehensive range of online training seminars.

For further information please click on the following link: https://www.pwclegal.de/en/seminars/

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Employment law

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