Mergers & Acquisitions

Which advantages has a locked box structure in comparison with closing accounts?
Which minimum guarantees do you still have to grant a buyer in today’s seller-friendly market environment?
What is paramount for Chinese M&A investors in Europe?

The more thorough you plan the acquisition or the sale of a business the smoother you will be able to conclude the deal. The success of such transactions largely depends on the agreements.

PwC Legal advises you already prior to the planned transactions so that you can successfully achieve your objectives. We assist you in implementing these transactions through representing your interests during the contract elaboration process and preparing the entire documentation for you. Through our close cooperation with PwC we bring in the comprehensive technical expertise of our lawyers, transaction, tax and financing specialists. Furthermore, you benefit from our very good industry expertise, foresighted communication and swiftness. Of course, we are also familiar with the competition law. In close coordination with you PwC Legal ensures that the deal pays off for you – or that you can correct potential calculation errors in due time.

Our lawyers

  • support you in sales processes, vendor due diligence and vendor assistance processes.
  • advise you during the buy-side due diligence process.
  • manage the entire legal structuring of complex transactions for you.
  • elaborate and negotiate the entire transaction documentation.
  • advise you and represent you in merger control proceedings.
  • support you in acquisition financings.
  • provide guidance during the post-merger integration.

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Corporate law

How can a cross-border merger support my planned international expansion?
How should I organise my compliance system?
Should I transform my business into an SE?

Let us deal with your commercial register entries, all those ad hoc disclosures and amendments of the articles of association and relieve you from this burden. The internationally known concept of a „company secretary“ is becoming more and more popular here in Germany: Through outsourcing administrative and legal work tasks to external service providers your company saves time and money. Internationally operating businesses in particular utilise our services as our lawyers form part of the worldwide PwC Legal network and work around the globe. Of course, we offer more than simply elaborating contracts and other legal documents:

Our lawyers

  • advise you and provide guidance during the formation of new companies and restructurings in Germany and abroad.
  • subsequently adapt complex acquisition structures for investors.
  • optimise the legal tax structures of your company in cooperation with PwC’s tax experts.
  • assist you before, during and after AGMs.
  • accompany IPOs, delisting procedures and secondary offerings.
  • advise you on compliance requirements.
  • provide on-going corporate legal advisory services.
  • ensure that you perform your on-going notification duties.
  • establish and manage company secretaries.
  • answer all your questions regarding stock corporation law and capital markets law at any time.

We are pleased to assist you in corporate law issues. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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